Five Porches Community Developement Center Inc.


 To resource all families in the Little Rock Neighborhoods and surrounding areas through providing effective accessible services free of charge.  


Mission Statement: 

To provide comprehensive community wide services to children and families, that will improve the quality of life. Seeking and teaching. 

Five Porches CDC Inc. current area of operations at

Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church, 1316 Brown Street,  Little Rock, Arkansas 72204


Phone Number:  501-666-2974

Fax Number:  501-666-0881

Organization Official Contact Person:  Milton R. Graham, Sr. 


Executive Officer Name:  Milton R. Graham, Sr., President & CEO


Target Group:

  • We currently serve the greater Little Rock area through our Raven Food Pantry and Clothes Closet.  We receive referrals from the American Red Cross, Department of Human Services, TEA program participants and Division of Children and Family Services as well as neighboring sister churches.  There are many children between the ages of 6 to 12 years of age that come home from school without anyone being there for them.  We also serve those who have been through a number of twelve step programs with limited or no success and are still enslaved to addictive substances.

  • Our SHADES Youth Excellence program is gearing up this year to target priority group ages 6 to 18. We plan to be able to serve more of this age group.

We currently serve the Homeless population through our Raven Food Pantry and Clothes Closet.  We have had homeless care packs donated to us because of the population we serve, however; we could serve more by being able to purchase more personal help and care items.


We also serve the Substance Abusers and High-Risk Families through our Family Support Group Ministry; which meets weekly to aide and support those addicted and their family members. We currently go into the Pulaski County Detention Facility through our Prison / Jail Ministry every Sunday.  We track those ladies who were Prisoners Re-entering the Community after being released from incarceration and show promise by following good counsel on steps that will help them from re-entering the prison system.  Those who are in need become eligible for a Five Porches Homestead Grant currently funded solely through tithes and offerings of the church.

Five Porches CDC Inc.